This is a blog about software engineering – personal software engineering, practical software engineering. It’s about things and ideas you can use tomorrow. It’s caring about the fundamental craft of software engineering and finding ways to improve so that you love your code and how you got it.

It is held together by a collection of guiding ideas
– A regular publishing schedule will be better than an irregular one for readers (they can look forward to something new; they can integrate it into their lives) and for me, the author (I can plan ahead, I have deadlines)
– Having people review articles before publication will only make them better
– Although our work as software engineers is done with programming languages and libraries, the focus of this blog is on concepts and practices that are language independent, and so a discussion of technical language details or merits is a distraction that cannot help.
– There is no one true way to develop software, no matter what buzzword is trendy, and a breadth of understanding can only be useful.
– You can make a difference without being in charge of your own team or your own company

I have succeeded if this blog helps me think about and improve my own software practice without detracting from my life or work.

I have done very well if it helps me engage other people in talking about our ideas and it helps us create something new,.

I have done extremely well indeed if it gives me the access or connections to engage anyone I want in a discussion of software practices.

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